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Still Feeling Green!

What’s your color? What color are you most connected to right now? Right now, green is my color. It makes me feel alive, connected, confident and grounded. I love the different hues of green. As the growing season comes to an end for us here at GFGP, I can’t help but notice the different colors and smells. Change is definitely amongst us. The leaves have fallen and are shaped beautifully and the air has a crisp “fall” smell.

Today is my last day of giving away free food on the corner of Hamilton and Maple. This marks year two of serving , sharing veggies, fresh flowers, hugs, smiles, recipes, and so much more. I can’t begin to formulate the words to describe how I felt every Tuesday for the last five months. All I can say for now is that I know I am supposed to be there. This is the same community my great grandmother was healing the community through food over 35 years ago , and now I am here doing the same. The healing experience is reciprocated. While giving I am receiving. I have met some of the most amazing people on the corner of Hamilton and Maple. My life will never be the same. How I interact with people will never be the same. I will literally be in a whole different state and will wave at people (true story lol) as if I were on the corner. This is Food Justice. This is SOCIAL JUSTICE.

We have empowered this community through healthy food accessibility. The journey that it would have taken my new friends to make to get fresh food was cut in half for five months this year. That was five months (every Tuesday) of feeling like someone cared, five months of being given a fresh picked flower, five months (every Tuesday) of being given nourishment for the mind, body and soul, and five months every Tuesday of being given an opportunity to thrive. Fresh food not only tastes good, it IS good. We need it and I can’t wait to serve in an even bigger capacity next season , every Tuesday, longer than five months. Be well, family!

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